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Part right brain, part left-brain. Creative, yet practical. Intuitively direct and enjoying a career that allows me to utilize my varied skills. The catch phrase these days is “multi-faceted” ... a word I like.



How I can help

For some, I'm their comprehensive creative guide. For others, I simply provide them what they need.


CREATIVE DIRECTOR – Creating dynamic brands that establish a business is very satisfying. I collaborate with clients to find their strengths, form a focused message, and build a personality that speaks to the target market.


GRAPHIC DESIGNER – There’s a psychology to design and organization is the key. Marketing materials that are informative and easy to scan will support the company brand and further a business’s success.


ILLUSTRATOR – My illustrations are more than just pretty pictures. Visually interesting, creative concepts bring marketing materials to life. A focused illustration can highlight important information that would otherwise be overlooked.


DISPLAY DESIGNER – All the world’s a stage, and I mean that literally. I’ve worked with a variety of teams to execute highly creative set, exhibit and environmental sign designs. In this world, one must be part architect, part visionary and must know how to manage others to get the job done. Those are valuable skills for executing any assignment.


If you have a project that needs a unique perspective and a touch of creativity, let’s work together to bring your vision to life.


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