"Being a true artist requires unconventional thinking. Because the key to being creative is not to accept the status quo."


Possessing the rare combination of seasoned experience as a graphic designer for medium to large companies and international fine arts research, Tamara McElhannon is uniquely equipped to collaborate on creative direction, joining substantial skills in business with artistic vision.


Tamara has been principal at Tamara McElhannon, Graphic Design and Illustration since 2003. Her ability to embrace emerging trends for maximum commercial impact, while seeing the physical world in a unique way, makes her a creative powerhouse in a business environment that requires tremendous insight, instinct and flawless execution to set a company apart from the competition.


Tamara is an expert at guiding a brand towards the best voice and visual direction for a company’s marketing materials; helping them develop their market position in a way that clearly identifies their strengths in a vibrant, clever way.



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